Peter Spraggs

English Language Tutor

I am Peter and I live in England, United Kingdom. I’m a native English speaker with a British accent and have been teaching English language online since early 2020. My home is in Bath, a beautiful city in the south west of the UK whose history goes back over 2000 years to Roman times.

My students gain confidence in speaking, writing and comprehension of English. They speak more than me in lessons, because I create a relaxed and engaging atmosphere where students feel free to try out their English. This is done inside a structured framework using the world’s leading online learning tools and an extensive lesson library. My system also sets homework and regular progress tests so that students can see how they are improving.

With my teaching, several students in Asia, Middle East and Europe have achieved their desired levels in IELTS or TOEFL exams. I run specific courses for these tests as I know how important they are for students to gain entrance to higher education.

I’m passionate about languages. I speak French fluently and some German and Italian. I specialise in marketing and commercial English, having over 35 years’ international business experience prior to teaching English; I worked for several large and small companies. I have degrees from Oxford University and Cranfield University, a French Diplôme d’Ingénieur and a Cambridge University CELTA for teaching English as a foreign language. I love sport and entertainment: tennis, football, cycling, hiking, movies and international affairs.

Finally, I always remind my students about an important English saying: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Learning a language does take time and effort but the journey should be fun and the result is easily worth it!

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