Jane Hildreth

Art Tutor

I am a very experienced Art tutor specialising in teaching overseas students, many of whom are keen to pass exams and go onto University to study Design, Fine Art and other related disciplines both at BA and MA levels.

I have worked with overseas students associated with ECES over the past 4years, some of whom have never been taught Art when they first come to me but who are working hard on their A level to support their final University choices. They have gone on to study at universities such as The University of the Arts St Martins and the Royal College of Art (RCA).

My education in Art, started with a foundation course at Chelsea Art College, followed by my first degree at Kingston University and culminated in my Masters’s degree from
The Royal College of Art.

On leaving the RCA, I worked both as an Interior and product designer. After 20 years in the industry and looking to become more involved with the Fine Arts, I chose to take my PGCE in Art and Design. This led me to have a career working with young people helping them to evolve their interest in the arts, many of whom have gone on to University to develop their careers as designers and artists. I am still a practising artist continuing to explore many aspects of Fine Art.

I believe strongly in helping students to find a path through their schooling which encourages and advances their abilities based on what they enjoy, be it nature, portraiture or architecture, for example. Sensitively guiding them and teaching them skills and techniques and ensuring their full understanding of what is required to gain a positive grade for their further studies. An important part of Art and Design is the analysis and evaluation of their work as well as that of the artists/designers they study. This can be challenging at times for overseas students. However, with the correct help, this can be managed well enabling the student to move on positively and successfully.

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